3P & Innovation

Undergoing significant change can put drastic pressure on a health care organization. Processes can be even more difficult when organizations are creating something completely new and working towards a so-called future state. Making sure progress moves smoothly in these situations—whether an organization is launching new services, building new facilities, or implementing new technologies—can help save valuable time and money.

Through 3P and Gap-IT innovation workshops, our professionals help health care leaders design processes that lead to future states, both planned and unknown, through unique approaches that invite creativity and strive to improve efficiencies.

Our innovation programs include:

  • 3P —Production, Preparation, and Process. This program helps experienced lean leaders radically redesign processes, products, services, and facilities. By doing so, they can enhance flow while simultaneously improving safety, quality, and cost.
  • Gap-IT. This solutions-based approach helps bridge gaps between an organization’s current state and the future one it’s working towards. Gap-IT can allow organizations to look beyond technology as a tool and focus on the information flow it allows throughout their operations.

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