Barrel ERP: A Single Solution to Manage End-to-End Brewery Operations

Gain real-time visibility across your brewery, automate manual processes, and link information flow throughout departments with Barrel ERP—an end-to-end NetSuite application designed specifically for the business needs of breweries.

Barrel ERP can help drive down costs, enhance productivity, and save time and resources by implementing a single source-of-truth platform that collects and organizes your brewery’s data into one system.

Barrel ERP can seamlessly connect front-of-house retail and back-of-house production operations—as well as your accounting functions—to consolidate and cross-report key business data and systems. Transform your operations with Barrel ERP so you can stay focused on what matter most: brewing and selling great beer.

Comprehensive Visibility Across Your Organization

Too often breweries hamper productivity and strategic decision-making due to separate software solutions managing various departments.

Enhancing visibility into all areas of your company, Barrel ERP can help provide insights into what to brew, the cost to brew each stock keeping unit (SKU), where to sell products, and new growth opportunities.

Key department and focus areas can include:

  • Sales and marketing. Measure sales across distribution channels, understand customer demographics, identify repeat sales, and more.
  • Accounting. Collect and manage information for production and sales on which you pay taxes to enhance and automate tax reporting to the IRS.
  • Production. Measure tank input and output and quality readings.
  • Inventory. Manage warehouses, assess month-close stock, and more.
  • Warehouse. Identify what’s being produced, assess production equality management, measure product quality and standards, and more.
  • Supply chain. Avoid holding extra ingredients or shortages of required ingredients.
  • Fulfillment. Determine if orders processed correctly.

Barrel ERP Success Stories

See how Barrel ERP transformed a California brewery and helped expand their operations.

Customized Capabilities and Features

See how you can personalize your Barrel ERP platform to the nuances of your operations.

Barrel ERP's function to personalize elements by job role.
Personalize the NetSuite homepage by role to include actionable data and report elements relevant to the role.
Barrel ERP's visual representation of fermentation and brite tanks.
A visual representation of the fermentation and brite tanks includes links to related production batches.
Barrel ERP's real-time reporting capabilities.
Barrel ERP provides real-time reporting across all operations: sales, accounting and production.
Barrel ERP's ability to create a brewers report of operations.
A simple three-step wizard creates a brewers report of operations.
Brewer's Report of Operations.
Build out Brewer's Report of Operations, also known as a TTB report.

Guidance Across Your Implementation Process

Confidently navigate your design and implementation process with guidance from our professionals at each step:

  • Implementation design. Define design requirements for your unique business needs to set a foundation for transformation process.
  • Configuration. Assess current operations and build software into your current system—automating leading processes for day-to-day operations—with two process walkthroughs.
  • Testing. Run user-acceptance tests to develop comfort with its function, validate it works for your business processes, and confirm software accurately translated your requirements.
  • User training. Educate and train appropriate employees on how to use systems and incorporate into their roles and daily responsibilities.
  • Conversion. Go live with systems and stay supported with our guidance throughout the first monthly cycle of launch.

Expansive Industry and NetSuite Experience

More than 600 clients in wine, beer, and spirits.
More than 600 clients in wine, beer, and spirits.
We support businesses from start-ups to leading craft breweries.
We support businesses from start-ups to leading craft breweries.
More than 35 years experience in wine, beer, and spirits.
More than 35 years experience in wine, beer, and spirits.

Deeply immersed in the craft beer industry, our professionals bring a collaborative approach to engagements that dedicates time to understand the specific needs of your business and strategically develop solutions contextualized among greater industry trends and activity.

We view challenges from the perspective of brewery owners because many of our professionals previously worked in executive roles within the industry and possess first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to pursue your goals.

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. We frequently collaborate with influential industry organizations such as the Brewers Association, California Craft Brewers Association, California Grocers Association, Colorado Brewers Guild, Orange County Brewers Guild, Oregon Craft Beverage Council, Washington Beer Commission, and Washington Brewers Guild.

Through our dedicated NetSuite Implementation Services, our professionals hold top NetSuite certifications and bring real-world experience to solution design—so you’re set up to hit the ground running.

Additionally, our one-firm approach can provide access to comprehensive support and insight in other key areas that may bolster your organization and establish foundations for long-term success.

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