Praxity Global Alliance

Praxity, is the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms and the seventh largest of all global accounting associations.

Our Praxity membership helps you explore and prosper in new business territories and understand the unique financial reporting requirements of each. Your regulators, investors, and critical stakeholders can be confident you’ve considered the risks of doing business abroad and addressed them properly.

With more than 65 member firms and over 3,910 partners, Praxity allows you to tap into the knowledge of skilled accounting practitioners around the world—an invaluable resource for US companies seeking to embrace global business opportunities. Praxity also augments our on-the-ground domestic presence, providing you access to local practitioners across the nation, so you always have a trusted resource near you. Whether you’re located domestically or internationally, Praxity firms work seamlessly together to deliver pragmatic, value-added advice wherever you do business.

Why an Alliance?

Membership in a global accounting association of any type has its benefits, such as access to like-minded firms both at home and abroad and a wealth of international experience. But unlike a network, an alliance allows us to maintain our independence, methodology, technology, and ownership—which means we’re able to deliver you the specialized solutions you expect from Moss Adams, not just a one-size-fits-all approach.

Praxity’s Global Reach

Beyond our own connections to international service providers in key global regions, our Praxity alliance connects us with peer firms around the world. Learn more about how Moss Adams can help your business thrive wherever it does business: