Real Estate Advisory

Real estate often composes a company’s largest capital and operational expenditure and requires dedicated, evolving strategies to effectively forecast property investments and related expenses.

Reduce financial risk and enhance your business performance so your real estate portfolio can support and improve your competitive position with guidance from our professionals.

Whether you own or lease commercial property, our professionals can help you define your real estate strategy, so you stay focused on your core business objectives.

Real Estate Solutions and Opportunities

From real estate strategy implementation, construction audits, real estate valuations, tax incentives, and state and local tax solutions, our professionals can help you navigate key challenges during every stage of your life cycle.

Develop and Deploy Strategies

Align your real estate strategy and business objectives—whether your goal is to grow and expand for the future or consolidate locations for operational efficiency.

Developing and implementing capital can be a challenge as operating teams often lack the additional expertise or bandwidth to oversee and manage capital projects. Let our experience in project management, process, and controls provide confidence and trust during your development phase.

Analyzing your real estate strategy, our professionals can help you identify and seize emerging opportunities to help:

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Identify key timelines and funding sources
  • Review regulatory requirements
  • Enhance construction planning
  • Provide project leadership during implementation phase

Manage Assets

Focus on your priorities without draining time and resources by outsourcing the management of day-to-day property functions to our professionals.

Our services can help:

  • Select and manage leasing teams
  • Select and manage third-party property manager teams
  • Prepare capital plans, cash flows, and budgets for owner review and approval
  • Analyze and enhance lease structure
  • Review and manage contracts and leases review
  • Analyze strategies to enhance value and holdings
  • Manage debt compliance
  • Manage partnership reporting and distributions
  • Manage and oversee capital plans and projects

Assess Property and Transactions

Move your business forward and overcome unexpected challenges with strategic qualitative and quantitative technical assistance.

Working closely with your management team, our professionals develop tailored strategies customized for each stage of your organization’s life cycle.

Our services can help you:

  • Identify appropriate purchase, transfer, or exit options
  • Oversee real estate valuation and purchase closing processes
  • Develop capital plans
  • Evaluate tax structuring
  • Perform feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Develop post-closing strategy

Navigate Capital Projects

Construction projects face consistent challenges such as staying on schedule and within budget, adhering to building regulations, and limiting the impact of unforeseen disruptions.

Implementing construction management methods, contracting strategies, project controls, and engineering, we conduct construction audits to help general contractors and construction managers with issues that arise from schedule delays, construction quality, change orders, excess charges, and project progress reporting.

Composed of skilled professionals and performance auditors, our team has completed hundreds of construction audits and understands different types of construction contracts and project delivery methodologies, as well as site requirements, local and state regulations, and compliance issues.

Services include:

  • Construction Audits. Validate construction contract billings are compliant with the construction contract and not excessive to support transparency and accountability with key stakeholders.
  • Program Assessments. Monitor your program’s progress and identify risks before they become barriers to success.
  • Process Improvement and Policy and Procedure Development Services. Implement a project control structure to reduce your project costs and boost performance.
  • Program Management Support. Receive reports on progress, expenses, work quality, and more to ensure your project is compliant and on budget.   
  • Capital Program Reporting. Track performance aligned with industry best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and enhance performance.
  • Contract Consultations. Help owners and contractors execute a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract with strong contracting practices and controls to help manage budget and control cost.

Strategies can also help:

  • Project economy, efficiency, and cost control
  • Prevent problems and detect risks early to avoid costly overruns and delays
  • Maintain compliance with contract requirements and existing policies to avoid excessive procurement charges
  • Tighten internal and project controls to avoid unfair subcontracting practices
  • Reduce errors and overcharges
  • Improve communication to avoid payments not in accordance with contract terms
  • Protect stakeholder funds by avoiding contractor liens and claims

Conduct Lease Audits

Businesses that rent space and facilities take on financial responsibilities such as capital repairs, real estate taxes, maintenance costs, HVAC, roof replacements, janitorial services, insurance payments, security, parking lots, landscaping, and more.

Without a professional monitoring your tenant obligations and associated costs you could pay more than necessary. 

Our professionals can:

  • Conduct an audit of your lease agreement and property costs
  • Determine where you overpay and go beyond your contract requirements
  • Identify reimbursements owed to you by a landlord
  • Develop an independent and balanced assessment that documents your claim and assist in your request for repayment

Pursue Tax Strategies

Proactive tax planning can help you stay in compliance and reduce your tax burden as well as identify any potential savings opportunities your business may overlook.

These tax services can help you navigate compliance and increase cash flow:

  • Cost Segregation. Property owners that build, remodel, expand, or purchase a facility can benefit from cost segregation provisions that could help defer federal and state incomes taxes and avoid paying taxes sooner than required.
  • Deductions for Energy-Efficient Buildings. Claim up to $5 per square foot for energy-efficient improvements to buildings your business owns or operates. This amount varies based on placed-in-service date, percentage energy cost savings and building systems improved such as HVAC and hot water, lighting, and building envelope.
  • Credits for Energy-Efficient Residences. Claim up to $5,000 per dwelling unit for the construction or renovation of energy-efficient residential homes and multifamily developments.
  • Fixed Asset Accounting Services. Meet your fixed asset and depreciation reporting compliance needs and identify opportunities to apply fixed-asset changes that can help provide immediate tax savings through accelerated tax methods for depreciation, repair and maintenance expenses, and other items.
  • Property Tax. Reduce the risks and costs associated with incomplete, incorrect, or late property tax filings and pursue exemptions, abatements, and other tax mitigation opportunities.
  • Real Property Tax. Reduce property tax assessments and generate savings for your commercial and complex properties by identifying and quantifying opportunities to negotiate and settle excessive assessed values.
  • Site Selection. Identify ideal locations for your business’s next phase of growth and expansion with a site selection analysis.
  • Unclaimed Property Tax. Avoid draining precious time and resources scrutinizing determinations and maintain compliance for your unclaimed property reports for first-time filings or subsequent annual submissions.

Real Estate Outsourced Finance Accounting Services

Execute your accounting obligations and save time and resources with our professionals providing outsourced accounting services, either as an extension of your current accounting staff or covering all your accounting needs.

Real Estate Valuations

Explore valuation solutions for public and private owners and operators of real estate, real estate investment trusts (REITs), private equity, pension funds, law firms, and government entities.

We perform appraisals, market studies, and cash flow modeling for multiple purposes including:

  • Market value appraisals (ASC 820 and IFRS 13)
  • Purchase-price allocations (ASC 805 and IFRS 3)
  • Real estate equity and mortgage debt fair value analysis
  • Real estate entity interest valuations for gift, estate, and succession planning
  • Market feasibility studies, benchmarking, underwriting, and transaction diligence
  • Dynamic cash flow modeling for complex commercial real estate projects

How Solutions Can Benefit Your Organization

Our real estate services can help support your organization in a range of key areas to:

  • Develop business plans
  • Identify sources of and uses for cash
  • Identify internal and external team members to execute the plan
  • Support in negotiating vendor contracts

Improve program cost efficiency and performance through:

  • Auditing costs preemptively to verify compliance of contractor charges
  • Enhancing schedule, quality, and cost management control processes, policies, and procedures
  • Comparing construction management to industry best practices
  • Assessing program staffing

Assist your board and address stakeholder perceptions to:

  • Measure program results against what was promised
  • Identify cost savings and improvement areas through diagnostic review
  • Evaluate flexibility to address changing facility needs
  • Address specific concerns and issues
  • Validate best practices applied
  • Collaborate and communicate results effectively

Expansive Real Estate Expertise

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals tailor real estate and construction solutions to the nuances of the sector in which you operate. Collaborating closely with your leadership team, we develop strategies customized for your business and goals.

Our team includes professionals with certified construction auditor (CCA), certified internal auditor (CIA), certified public accountant (CPA), certified fraud examiner (CFE), project management professional (PMP), and engineer-in-training (EIT) credentials, as well as expertise in construction management, project engineering, oversight, reporting, monitoring, and controls needed to support a successful real estate program.

We have technical expertise to coordinate the actions of brokers, attorneys, architects, designers, engineers, bankers, general contractors, municipal authorities, and other parties that may influence or impact your work.


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