Medicare Bad Debt Reimbursement

Reporting Medicare bad debt has long been a burdensome process for providers. The recent introduction of Transmittal 18 comes with the potential to drain even more time and resources, as providers must now include additional patient data in reporting to validate and process payments than was previously required.

New reporting requirements could require a deeper dive into billing records, demanding significant additional hours from hospital staff that divert them from other organizational needs.

Alleviate administrative strains, manage risks, and identify future reimbursement opportunities with our professionals helping to identify and report your required data.

Support to Ease Your Reporting Burden

Despite being a potential drain on resources, it’s crucial hospitals file Medicare reimbursement requests promptly and accurately under the new rules. Lack of proper reporting may put your facility at risk for noncompliance, subsequently losing access to future Medicare bad debt reimbursement.

In addition to data extraction, we conduct full audits of your patient accounting systems, reviewing your processes and procedures to help streamline reporting.

How the Process Works

We go beyond data mining and reporting of your Medicare billing data to provide comprehensive solutions, supporting you throughout the process.

  1. Project Launch. Build relationships with your team to form solutions based on your specific needs.
  2. Data Extraction. Extract and report compliant patient level data required for audit in a timely and accurate manner.
  3. Audit Preparations. Conduct mock audits and additional research to anticipate and solve potential issues before audit takes place.
  4. Audit Support. Continue to provide support throughout entire audit process rather than end engagement at data extraction.
  5. Future Recommendations. Provide insights on procedural changes that can help make data management and accurate filing for reimbursement easier for your team moving forward.

Expansive Industry and Provider Reimbursement Reporting Experience

Deeply immersed within the health care industry, our professionals have extensive knowledge of its operational nuances and how to navigate reporting processes. Our collaborative approach takes the time to understand your organization’s unique business needs and strategically contextualize solutions among greater industry trends and activity.

We view challenges from the perspective of organizations’ leaders because many of our professionals previously worked in leadership roles within the health care industry and possess first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to pursue your goals.

Instead of providing generic templates or toolkits, we develop and customize appropriate solutions that help build up your organization and provide a foundation for long-term success—so you’re prepared to stay ahead of change.


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