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State and Local Tax Planning

State and local taxes are varied and in constant flux. Keeping abreast of them is a major challenge; yet failing to do so can significantly affect your cash flow and ability to compete. Stay up to date on state legislation, pandemic relief, and dates for the below states and focus areas.

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New Mexico


Oregon CAT Spotlight

Oregon’s Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) is a unique, first-of-its-kind tax on businesses with customers in the state or that have Oregon-based vendors, suppliers, or service providers.

Approaching the CAT similar to net income taxes, gross receipts, or margins tax imposed by other states could put your business at a risk of an audit assessment or overpaying the CAT. Learn if you’re liable for the CAT and how to meet your CAT obligations.



Wayfair and Nexus Spotlight

Many states enacted economic nexus laws following the US Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota versus Wayfair on June 21, 2018. These laws require remote sellers to collect sales tax into their respective states.

Companies that sell products or technology services to out-of-state customers will need to analyze their existing filing and compliance systems and make sure they’re adequate to collect and remit sales and use taxes across the country.

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