Transforming Technology and Life Sciences Firms for Success in 2021

Presented on March 23, 2021

Taft Kortus, Partner, Technology Practice
Carisa Wisniewski, Partner, Life Sciences Practice
Dave Copps, CEO and Cofounder, Worlds, Inc.
Michael Macaluso, CEO and Chairman, Ampio Pharmaceuticals
Chris St. Hilaire, CEO and Cofounder, MFour Mobile Research, Inc.

Watch our executive panel discussion on effective approaches that technology and life sciences companies have used to reposition or transform themselves recently to better pursue success in 2021 and beyond. Our guest C-suite speakers at this panel focused on:

  • The implementation of transformational business practices
  • Their organizations’ responses to changes in stakeholder behavior due to COVID-19
  • The solutions they’ve implemented to address their specific operational challenges

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